Christmas Band Concert Tonight!

Tonight is my daughter’s Christmas band concert. There will also be performances from other groups at the school. It’s time for Christmas songs again. Another reminder that this year will be another year that we are not celebrating the holiday season like most people are.

Unemployment has reached our family like it has so many others and we are feeling the heavy burden that comes with it. Lack of funds, bills past due, struggling to make it, and the hope of us making enough to catch up AND buy Christmas seems out of reach. Again.

I will put on a happy face, smile and applaud my daughter, like always, even though deep inside I’m feeling the pangs of regret and sorrow that I have allowed, again, for our situation to come to this. How did I let this happen again?! WHY didn’t I realize that with my husband going back to working in construction that the winter weather was going to cause a lack of proper weather conditions and work? Oh, yeah, because his boss told him that they had plenty of inside work that would keep them busy through the winter.

I understand that things happen and jobs fall through, some people don’t pay for work being done like they say they will (NOT a good way to conduct business AT ALL), and then BAM! You wake up and find yourself in a situation where you’ve worked for weeks getting very little pay and being told that money was coming – and you realize that you have worked for FREE! Can anyone afford to do that?! No one that I know can. And then, having some of the other work projects put off due to the icy winter weather, which in turn caused about another 3 long weeks of working only about 3 days!

But, this too shall pass. We will recover from this as we have recovered from other past situations. The difference this time will be, I have a PLAN! I am determined to make our situation better, not only by continuing my education (which I started in June), but also with my new venture Jewelry In Candles. I believe that this company that has hit their 5 year business goals in 3 short months is going to explode and it’s definitely worth being a part of! I am at the beginning of great things happening for my family! I have already begun the change. I have also opened a savings account and I am going to put aside 10% for Tithes and 5% for us. For dental work. For next Christmas. For emergencies. For times like these when you don’t know how you’re going to pay the next bill, let alone have money for Christmas….I am making a change.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” – Tony Robbins said. And it is absolute TRUTH! So, let’s do things differently and get a different, better result!

Wishing you all an early Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I am going to ENJOY my daughter playing her Trombone in tonight’s Christmas Concert and leave the pangs of REGRET and SORROW at home! 🙂


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