You left so soon, before the flowers even had
chance to bloom. That sad day when your life
was taken away. A dozen years have passed,
and the days without you are still outcast.

You’ve missed my struggles, accomplishments,
my life. Sometimes I truly need your advice.
I keep remembering that day when the news was
given that you’d gone away, to Heaven, they
said and you’d be okay.

But what about the shopping and the lunches
I planned for that day when I reached my successful stand?
I haven’t had time, I haven’t done my part. You can’t be gone,
what about the desires of my heart?
Yet my regret remains for things undone,
that time slipped away before I’d begun to
give back to you like you’d always done…

The Rain


As she sat alone at her kitchen table, not quite feeling very stable, listening to the rhythm of the rain as it tapped upon her windowpane.

As the rhythm increased, all thoughts of finding employment ceased, and she marveled at the rain that brought her such peace.

What beauty she found in the music she heard, not from a stereo,
but from God’s unspoken words.

A lullaby sent from above, by the Maker of all with abundant love.
Simply for her peace, Oh how she loved the rain’s gentle beat!

Even now, a midst the troubles of life, unemployment, no money and all of life’s strife, she knew that the rain came with hope from above, to show her God’s beauty and undying love.

She has courage again to fight depression and win, found through the rain and the wind whispering “You Can!”

Oh, how thoughtful of the Father to show her He cares,
and how loving of Him to show her He’s there!

Once again focused on matters of the heart,
the troubles of this world soon will part,
and all that remains is the rhythm of the rain.